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Our Motto

The Bangalore Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust is a cultural and non profit organisation set up in 2008 to represent women from the Sankethi community. The organisation hosts cultural, educational, social, recreational and welfare activities for memebers of the Sankethi community and the general population. These activities facilitate opportunities for social interaction with friends, and nurture interest in Sankethi culture. From time to time, the trust hosts events to help fund various charitable causes with an emphasis on issues related to women, children and the elderly. This is our way of giving back to society.

So, if you are of Sankethi origin but not already a member, we would welcome you to join us.

Events & Happenings

The Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust hosts regular monthly meetings and hosts other interesting events to suit all ages. Upcoming events are posted below.

Annual General Body Meeting of BSMST

On 10th June 2017, Saturday, 11 A.M onwards

Members are invited to attend the annual general body meeting of our Sangha which will be held on 10th June 2017, from 11 a.m. onwards. Disbursement of Medical Aid, Destitute Pension and Education Aid will also be done on this day, followed by prize distribution of our Annual Sports and Lunch


Pooja Aquatic Center Hall,
22nd cross, 4th Main Road
Opp the Post office, BSK II Stage, Bengaluru.

About Us

Bangalore Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust (BSMST) was registered on 10th November 2008. We are an organization uniting Sankethi women to invest their time, intellect, compassion, creativity and finances towards a better world. We are Sankethi women of all ages, from all walks of life committed to promoting our culture and heritage as well as contributing to the education of underprevileged children, health & welfare of the impoverished & elderly and supporting women entrepreneurs. Our core values are "Prayathna, Pramanikathe, Pragathi" which translates to Effort, Honesty and Progress. We believe that our honest and undying efforts will eventually lead us to our success.

Our Objectives

Women for Women

Women for Women

We are a group of like-minded women working together to support women take control of their livelihood

Education Aid

Education Aid

Our education aid program helps children gain an education without worrying about financial obstacles.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We help those in dire financial circumstances through ongoing pensions and other programs.r

Medical Aid

Medical Aid

We provide supplemental funding for medical expenses for the elderly & needy.

Our Branding

The design of the Bengaluru Mahila Samaja Trust logo represents the following: BSMST Logo

  • a) Red – for Purity
  • b) Green – for Peace and Happiness
  • c) Yellow – for Knowledge and Learning
  • d) The Woman – For our unique identity as Sankethi Women – wearing a Gandi Sari of course
  • e) The circular shape to symbolize the circle of life

What We Do

Utsav is one of the largest events organised by the Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust. The video shows the various activities held on the day. We thank all those who participated as well as all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a grand success.

Build Social Consciousness

Every year we organize visits to institutions like old age homes, orphanages, destitute homes and so on. We believe not only in giving donations in cash and kind but above all our time to bring a smile to the faces of people we have never met before. The purpose of these activities are to:

  • Raise awareness of the needs of the community and society in general
  • Develop a willingness to reach out to those in need
  • Encourage understanding, tolerance and respect
  • Engage in interactive situations that will enrich everyone emotionally, socially, morally and culturally

Support Women Entrepreneurs

The most popular event that the Trust organizes is the Biennial Utsav - a fun fair organized every other year. This event is most anticipated and is open to all members and the general public. Thousands of visitors come for this event that ultimately supports small business owners and women entrepreneurs as a marketplace.


  • Support women entrepreneurship.
  • Provide a market for small business.
  • Generate income for the Trust in order to fund the general expenses and run activities of BSMST.

See the photos from our most recent Utsav 2017 below.

Nurture Arts & Culture

The Sankethi community is renowned for its incredible talent. At Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust we take extra care to showcase and encourage the talent within our community. We take pride in our achievements and hope to nurture future genrations of accomplished musicians, artists, etc.

Arts and Culture at BSMST

Photo Gallery

Meet The Team

The Bangalore Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust began with only few members, however, it has since grown leaps and bounds into a dynamic cultural association. This would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of its members & trustees and their selfless contribution over the years. Following are the current trustees of the Bangalore Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust

R. K. Geethamani

Managing Trustee

Gayathri Rao


Sathyavathi Ramseshan


Savithri Ramesh


Jayalatha Narayan


Dr. Swarna Gowri


Nalini Nataraj


Sukanya Vasu


Veena Kapali


Rohini Sekhar


Lalitha S. K.


Pratibha Dikshit


Geetha V.


Leela S. Kumar

Project Manager

Our Gratitude

The funding for all our services is either generated by the Trust through the various fund raising events or by way of sponsorship by large hearted people. While no donation is too small, the following people have made significant contributions that the Trust recognizes:

  • Mr. Srikantaiah, in memory of his wife Late.Champavathi
  • Mr. ShivaShankar of USA in memory of his wife Late. Vaidehi
  • Ms. Bhagya Sanketh in memory of her mother Kamalamma
  • Ms. Leela Jagannath of USA in memory of her mother-in-law Late. Ahalyabai
  • Jyothy Industries, headed by Shri. B.N.V. Subramanya

The list of all those who have supported us in our endeavours over the years is very long indeed. Without such support, it would have been very difficult for the Trust to successfully carry out all the services and activities. While we can’t practically mention each and every person who has made contribution to date we would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of them.

Since our Trust is enabled with 80G exemption, we welcome donations from the public which help us to reach out to the needy. It is never too late.


Membership Details

Since the establishment of the Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust, our member strength has been growing. Whether you are a of Sankethi descent or married to a Sankethi, we welcome you to join us and be a part of the collective voice of our community. Members are first to hear about all our exciting events. In the past we have conducted a variety of events for our members including picnics, visit to orphanages and old age homes, gala events, cultural programs and so on.

Member privileges include:

  • Invitation to Members Only Events
  • Monthly Newsletter

Membership Types


Annual membership gives members the flexibility to renew their membership and pay the fees on an annual basis.


Life membership is designed for members who wish to make a lifelong commitment to the trust and its activities, with the convenience of a one-time membership fee.

Membership Form

Join the Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust to meet other like-minded people from the community and enjoy all the above activities. Please complete the membership form and send it to us via e-mail or mail it to:
Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust
Near Suchitra Film Society,
BSK II Stage, Bangalore - 560004

e-Mail: info@bsmst.org

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Bengaluru Sankethi Mahila Samaja Trust
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